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  • The Köhlmoos brothers develop the
    first aquarium with an aluminium frame.
    Until then, aquariums were
    built with hammer effect enamel
    steel angled frames.

  • The Köhlmoos brothers introduce a global innovation:
    the first aquarium with an integral lid and
    lighting integrated therein.

  • JUWEL Aquarium GmbH & Co. KG. is officially
    founded by the Köhlmoos brothers and an entry
    is recorded in the Commercial Register.

  • A further revolution in the manufacturing
    of aquariums. Silicone replaces
    filler “ JUWEL produces the first
    aquariums with silicone bonding.

    Introduction of a safety frame for setting up
    JUWEL aquariums safely and

  • JUWEL develops its waterproof
    cover light and, as the first manufacturer
    Hof aquarium lights, receives the
    GS mark for certified safety
    from TÜV Rheinland.

  • A small revolution in design and
    production. JUWEL produces the first
    aquariums without lateral profiles and with
    plastic upper and lower frames.

  • Introduction of a complete aquarium
    with an integrated heater, the
    patented JUWEL filter system
    and lighting.

  • Move into the new
    company premises in Rotenburg
    and the creation of JUWEL's own
    subsidiary in England.

  • Presentation of the Vision aquarium.
    JUWEL develops the first aquarium
    in Germany with a curved
    front panel.

  • Introduction of electronic ballasts with
    the lighting. JUWEL is thus a pioneer in the EU's
    efforts to save energy.

  • JUWEL starts up its robot-assisted
    aquarium production and is thus able to achieve
    a further increase in quality in the production
    of aquariums.

  • Introduction of a new lighting standard in
    fish keeping. JUWEL replaces the conventional T8
    lighting with powerful High-Lite T5

  • Strengthening of the JUWEL brand through a
    modernised market presence and strong product

  • Expansion of the company building at the Rotenburg
    site with an additional production and logistics hall.

  • We are continuously striving to further develop
    our range so that we will also be able to meet the
    future requirements of our customers.