JUWEL decorative concepts
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Background STR

The STR colour background is a highly realistic image of tree barks. With its black colour tones, it provides the perfect contrast to your plants and fishes. JUWEL STR colour backgrounds are a low-cost stepping stone into 3-D colour backgrounds.

Order number 86910

STR Background

With their distinctive tree bark structures, the decorative STR colour backgrounds heighten the illusion of depth in your aquarium, visually enhancing your underwater world. They are easy to cut to size and can be placed easily in your aquarium using JUWEL Conexo

Other characteristics:

• Easy to cut to size

• Easy assembly with JUWEL Conexo

• Modular expansion possible

• Discreet cut edges

Requently asked questions for this product

1. What is the correct way to cut JUWEL backgrounds and filter covers to size?

Filter covers can be cut precisely to size using the enclosed template. Backgrounds must be cut to the dimensions of the aquarium.

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