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Poly Pads

JUWEL Poly pad catches coarse particles of dirt in the water, thereby serving as a mechanical pre-filter.

Order number 88099

Poly pad

JUWEL Poly pad is used to catch coarse particles of dirt in the water.

As a mechanical pre-filter, it protects the filter from rapid soiling and means that you don't have to clean the other filter media as often.

JUWEL filter floss consists of fine, residue-free polyester material and is suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

It comes in three sizes, in packages of up to 5.

Characteristics of JUWEL Poly pad:

• Serves as a mechanical pre-filter

• Protects other filter media from rapid soiling

• Made of residue-free polyester material

• Suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater aquariums

• 5 filter flosses in each package


  Product code 88099
  Product bioPad L (Standard) -Poly Pad
  Measurements 12,5 x 12,5 x 0,5 cm

Requently asked questions for this product

1. What is the design of the filter?

The special Construction of JUWEL internal filter allows the circulating pump to pull water from both the upper and lower areas of the aquarium. The water passes through the graduated filter media from the top to the bottom, which greatly simplifies the filter maintenance. The filter media are: The white poly pad which act as a mechanical pre-filter. Hint: Quick and simple to replace, it removes large particle waste preventing the rest of the filter from clogging too quickly. The black carbon sponge removes chemical impurities. The green Nitrax sponge contains special microorganisms that break down nitrate and consequently helps reduce the growth of algae. The blue, coarse filter sponge is biological filter stage I. Separation of the water flow Part 1 of the filtered water returns directly via the riser of the pump into the aquarium. Part 2 of the filtered water moves to the second stage of the biological filtration ""slow filter"". Cirax, the white basket houses filter ceramics with large surface areas under aerobic (oxygen-enriched) conditions. The blue, fine filter sponge represents biological filter stage II which operates in a strong manner under anaerobic (oxygen-deficient) conditions. The filtered water then flows back into the aquarium via the circulation pump.

2. What is the best method for me to maintain the filter?

Below are our guideline maintenance suggestions, It goes without saying that the manner and the frequency of the maintenance will also depend on the individual conditions. Our recommendations to clean or replace the media are based on average experiences: Replace the white poly pad on a weekly basis. Replace the black carbon sponge approx. every month. Replace the green Nitrax sponge every 2 months. Replace the blue, coarse filter sponge after approx. 3 months. Replace the white Cirax filter basket with ceramics after approx. 12 months. Replace the blue, fine filter sponge after approx. 9-12 months. (Also refer to the attached figure.) Hints: For safety reasons, always disconnect all electrical devices from the mains before undertaking any work in the aquarium. Never replace all blue filter media at the same time. Check the water level in the filter at regular intervals; a drop in water level indicates that the filter media is beginning to clog and should be changed.

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