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High-Lite T5 Lighting Units

Brilliant luminosity, easy to use, successful plant and coral growth: all the benefits of the modern High Lite T5 light units from JUWEL.

Order number 46360

High-Lite T5 Light Unit 2 x 24 Watt, 60 cm

The High-Lite T5 technology will give you the best luminosity your aquarium has ever had.

As the JUWEL High-Lite T5 light units have been specifically designed to work with JUWEL High-Lite fluorescent tubes, this guarantees the high-performance and a long service life of your High-Lite lighting system.

And as you would expect,  JUWEL light bars meet the high international safety standards for aquarium lighting and are TÜV GS certified.

All JUWEL High-Lite T5 light units are perfect for upgrading any JUWEL aquarium with standard T8 technology.

All JUWEL light units are supplied with High-Lite Day fluorescent tubes.

  Product code 46360
  Product HiLite Light Unit 60 cm, 2x24W
  Tested for safety
  Light type 2 x High-Lite Day 24 Watt, 438 mm
  Length 593 mm
  Power 2 x 24 Watt
  Cable lenth 290 cm

Requently asked questions for this product

1. What guarantee comes with my JUWEL Aquarium?

We guarantee all of our products for 2 years from the date of purchase. Filter sponges and fluorescent tubes as well as all components that are subject to normal wear, e.g. the impeller of the pump, are excluded from the guarantee. Any guarantee claim must be substantiated with a valid proof of purchase.

2. Is the lighting dimmable?

Sorry our T5 light units are not dimmable.

3. Why should I use reflectors?

There are two reasons to use our reflectors: The first is the fact that they increase the light by 100% which is particularly positive, in the case of planted aquariums. The second reason is one of comfort, by shielding the light you can work in your aquarium with the lights on, being able to see what you are doing is always an advantage.

4. Why can't the fluorescent tubes be switched individually?

Our tests confirmed that plants prefer stable light conditions, they have difficulty in adapting to varying light conditions and therefore the lighting cannot be switched in individually.

5. How often should the end caps be replaced?

The end caps that hold the tubes in place should be changed whenever you replace the tubes or annually which ever comes first. These end caps contain vital seals that prevent water ingress into the light unit itself.

6. Can I convert my aquarium to T5 High-Lite?

Any JUWEL Aquarium that utilises a Multilux light unit (central black bar), i.e. all aquariums of the series Lido, Rio, Vision, Trigon, Panorama and Delta, may be converted by simply replacing the old light unit with a new T5 High-Lite version.

7. What is so special about the T5 High-Lite lighting?

When we first looked at T5 lighting the biggest issue was that they were not commercially available in standard sizes for our industry. This would leave parts of the aquarium unlit which was not acceptable to us. This left us no choice but to develop this technology into the common aquarium dimensions in order to ensure the complete illumination over the entire length of the aquariums. As a result, we are able to completely illuminate the entire area of our aquariums with lengths of 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 cm with high levels of illumination. T5 technology only operates with modern electronic ballasts ensuring the highest electrical efficiency.

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