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Unser Einsteiger ist Ihr idealer Start mit System. Entdecken Sie mit einem Primo die Faszination und Vielfalt Ihrer persönlichen Unterwasserwelt.

Aquarium Line


110 LED
In 360° ansehen

Aquarium Line


110 LED




Einsteigen mit System

Einstieg in die Aquaristik auf höchstem technischen Niveau. Moderne LED Beleuchtung und effiziente Filterung runden das Primo-Konzept perfekt ab.
Der Sicherheitsunterrahmen gewährleistet einen besonders sicheren Stand und erlaubt eine problemlose Aufstellung des Aquariums ohne spezielle Unterlagen.
Sorgfältige Verarbeitung, hochwertige Materialien und perfekt abgestimmte Technik gewährleisten ein Maximum an Qualität und Sicherheit. So ist die Langlebigkeit des Primo 110 LED garantiert.

Maximum Lighting

Novolux LED

The cover of the Primo 110 LED is equipped with the NovoLux 80 LED light and is particularly energy-efficient with 10,5 Watts. In order to increase the satisfaction of your individual requirements, up to three NovoLux LED lighting can be placed in the cover, by upgrading.
The special design of the Promo cover means that any condensation is conducted back into the aquarium when it is closed. An integrated flat can be used to feed the fish and is compatible with the JUWEL automatic feeder.
For your safety, the PRIMO lighting unit cover has been TÜV GS tested.

Filter System

Proven a million times over: Bioflow M

The Primo 110 LED is equipped with a high-performance Bioflow Super filter. This inside filter combines efficiency with safety and forms the centrepiece of the Primo 110 LED. It works on the principle that "The water should stay in the aquarium!" and therefore represents the safest way of filtering an aquarium. The Bioflow Super is equipped with high-performance filter media and a quick, powerful and efficient Eccoflow 500 circulating pump with only 5,5 Watts.
Juwel Filter System Bioflow


AquaHeat Pro 200 W

The 200 Watt JUWEL adjustable heater, which is perfectly embedded in the water circulation in the Bioflow M filter system, ensures the right temperature in the RIO 180 LED.
Because it uses top-quality silver contacts and shock-proof borosilicate glass, JUWEL adjustable heaters meet the highest standards in both function and safety and, as you would expect, are TÜV/GS certified.
AquaHeat Heater

Technische Daten

  • Produkt

    Primo 110 LED

  • Produktnr.


  • Farben

  • Maße

    81 x 36 x 45 cm

  • Gewicht

    20,5 kg

  • Volumen

    110 L

Juwel System

All inclusive
Eccoflow 500

Eccoflow 500

JUWEL Eccoflow Pumpen sind die neue Generation von hocheffizienten und flüsterleisen Strömungspumpen. Sie zeichnen sich durch eine besondere Laufruhe und geringe Stromaufnahme aus.

Zum Produkt
Bioflow Filter Super

Bioflow Filter Super

Der JUWEL Bioflow Super ist der ideale Innenfilter für Einsteigeraquarien bis ca. 150 Liter Volumen.

Zum Produkt
NovoLux LED 80 White

NovoLux LED 80 White

NovoLux LED White ist eine energiesparende Zusatzbeleuchtung für Ihr Aquarium.

Zum Produkt
Regal 835 SB

Regal 835 SB

Schrank SBX Rio 125

Schrank SBX Rio 125

Questions and Answers

  • We guarantee all of our products for 2 years from the date of purchase. Filter sponges and fluorescent tubes as well as all components that are subject to normal wear, e.g. the impeller of the pump, are excluded from the guarantee. Any guarantee claim must be substantiated with a valid proof of purchase.
  • The JUWEL aquarium features a safety base frame which ensures an even distribution of the weight. Please do not use a mat under any circumstances!
  • Arrange the aquarium in accordance with the instructions for use and assemble the filter. In this context, please make sure that the filter media are positioned correctly, e.g. as this is also shown on the packaging of the filter display box. Remove all plastic bags that might protect the filter media (carbon sponge, filter floss, Nitrax sponge and optional Cirax/Phorax basket). If you wish to glue a background or a filter cover into your aquarium, this is the best time. Then load the aquarium with the ground material and the plants as well as other decorative elements, e.g. stones and roots. After that, fill the aquarium with water. Tip: It is best to carefully pour the water through the filter in order to protect the existing set-up. Run the aquarium without fish for approx. 10 days in order to let the important bacteria form in the filter sponges and clear the water of pollutants. Use bioBoost to activate new filter media faster, and thus shorten the run-in period of your aquarium. Use the advice of your specialist retailer.
  • The JUWEL inside filter "Bioflow" is a biologically operating aquarium filter. The filters are adapted to the respective aquarium volume in an ideal manner: The capacity of the filter pump is designed for twice or 3 times the throughput per hour (e. g. Rio 180 = 180 litres at 600 l/h pump capacity). Thanks to its great volume, the filter features extensive backup capacity and it has a long service life (e. g. fewer maintenance intervals). The JUWEL inside filter is equipped with various filter media that facilitate biological pollutant degradation performance. The dual flow principle: A unique feature of the JUWEL inside filter is the dual flow principle in the models Bioflow M, L and XL. The water passes through the two high volume filter blocks at different speeds. This additionally optimises the biological filter process. Scientifically tested: The JUWEL filter system has successfully been tested with regard to its effectiveness in scientific long-term tests by independent institutes a number of times. All JUWEL inside filters are designed with extensive backup capacity, guaranteeing optimised filtering for top water quality. Users appreciate the inside filter’s ease of use and built-in safety: The water stays inside the aquarium!
  • Our production is geared towards producing complete aquariums. Unfortunately we are not able to consider any special requests with regard to our equipment. This is not possible, due to the fact that our manufacturing process is only suitable for serial production.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to make any general statements about an aquarium’s service life, as this depends on a wide range of different factors. However, we do have customers who have been using their aquariums for more than 20 years without any problems.
  • Thanks to specially developed float glass, JUWEL aquariums can bear a multiple of their filled weight. Please make sure, however, to observe your base cabinet’s load capacity. For details about the maximum load capacity, please see the technical data provided on our website.
  • No. Our aquariums are produced using robot-supported processes. This includes the automated application of silicone to the bottom pane. The bulge is merely a point where the applied silicone seams overlap, which is necessary for production. This does not affect the leak-tightness of your aquarium. You can use the aquarium without any reservations.


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