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01 Details

Terrace - Stone Granite

The Stone Granite terraces are part of the JUWEL Stone Granite decorative range. They go perfectly with the Stone Granite backgrounds and filter covers.

Available sizes:

Terrace Stone Granite - 350 x 140 mm - 86952

Terrace - Stone Granite

The JUWEL terraces allow you to create varied aquarium floor levels easily and permanently, thereby creating an extraordinary illusion of depth. With their dark grey tones and distinctive rock structure, the Stone Granite terraces are highly impressive. As part of the Stone Granite decorative range, these terraces go perfectly with the matching backgrounds and filter cover.

JUWEL terraces are held in place by the aquarium substrate and do not require bonding. This means that you can easily add them to an established aquarium.

The Stone Granite terraces are made of several layers of glass fibre-reinforced plastic coated with epoxy resin.

This complex production process ensures that the terraces are extremely stable and resistant to surface wear and tear.

Decorationconcept Stone Granite

  • Terrace Stone Granite

Tutorial Stone Granite

Fascinating effect through quick and easy handling.
Install the JUWEL decorative elements in your aquarium in just a few steps.

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02 Technical Data

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Product Code 86952
Product Terrace Stone Granite
Measurements 35 x 14 x 7,5 cm
Weight 0,3 kg

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