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Flap sets

From 33,00 €

Incl. 19% VAT, plus  shipping costs

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Article description

Practical and easy to use: Compatible flap sets for your JUWEL Aquarium.

Product: Suitable for:
Flap Set 80 x 35 Rio 125 2 pieces
Flap Set 100 x 40 Rio 180 2 pieces
Flap Set 120 x 40 Rio 240 2 pieces
Flap Set Lido 120 Lido 120
Flap Set Lido 200 II Lido 200 2 pieces
Flap Set Lido 200 IV Lido 200 3 pieces
Flap Set Trigon 190 Trigon 190
Flap Set Trigon 350 Trigon 350
Flap Set Vision 260 Vision 260
Flap Set Vision 180 Vision 180
Flap Set Vision 450 IV Vision 450 3 pieces
Flap Set Vision 450 II Vision 450 2 pieces
Flap Set 120 x 50 Rio 300 2 pieces
Flap Set 150 x 50 Rio 400 2 pieces
Flap Set 120 x 50 IV Rio 300 3 pieces
Flap Set 150 x 50 IV Rio 400 3 pieces