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Step 2: Planting

Find out here what you need to take into account when adding plants to your aquarium, and how to set up your aquarium based on the set-up example.


- Planting advice

- Plants used

- Filling the aquarium

5. Decorate your aquarium. Place stones, roots or other decorative items in your aquarium. Then you can start planting your aquarium. Make sure that you expose the roots when you unpack the plants. Cut the roots a little from below to enable them to develop and grow faster. Carefully put the plants in place, e.g. with the help of plant tweezers. The presented planting plan was used in our example.

  • Seiryu Stone
  • Red Moor Wood
  • Anubias barteri var. nana
  • Cryptocoryne beckettii ‚Petchii‘
  • Bacopa ‚Compact‘
  • Hygrophila ‚Siamensis 53B‘

6. Cover the newly placed elements with paper towels to protect the layout from being washed out. Fill the aquarium slowly with water up to the level indicator. Remove the paper towels once the aquarium has been filled. Tip: Fill the aquarium through the filter to ensure optimum filling. This is the gentlest way of filling the aquarium.