HeliaLux LED

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HeliaLux LED

Modern LED lighting for every JUWEL aquarium: HeliaLux is the LED alternative to the conventional T5 fluorescent lamps with energy saving of 50%.

Available sizes:

HeliaLux LED 550    24 Watt - 48355
HeliaLux LED 600    24 Watt - 48360
HeliaLux LED 700    28 Watt - 48370
HeliaLux LED 800    28 Watt - 48380
HeliaLux LED 920    35 Watt - 48392
HeliaLux LED 1000  45 Watt - 48400
HeliaLux LED 1200  54 Watt - 48420
HeliaLux LED 1500  54 Watt - 48450

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HeliaLux LED

The HeliaLux LED is a high-performance light unit, which makes it easy to switch from T5 to LED. State-of-the-art SMD LEDs guarantee a maximum light yield for optimum plant growth with a simultaneous energy saving of approx. 50 % in comparison to T5.


Specially developed aluminium honeycombs guarantee optimum heat deflection and guarantee a long service life of the SMD-LEDs.


White and blue LEDs ensure a broad light spectrum and a natural look in your aquarium.


The high-tech membrane within the HeliaLux LED prevents moisture penetration and promotes the controlled air exchange.


HeliaLux Day + Night Control

With the optionally available HeliaLux Day + Night Control, individual lighting profiles can be configured.

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02 Technical Data

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Product Code 48355
Product HeliaLux LED 550 24 Watt
Length 534 mm
Power 24 Watt
Kelvin 7200
Lumen 2900

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