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01 Details

AquaHeat - Automatic-Heater

The Juwel heater safely and reliably ensures the correct temperature in your aquarium. It is available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 Watt.

Available sizes:

AquaHeat 50 - Automatic-Heater 50 Watt   -   85600
AquaHeat 100 - Automatic-Heater 100 Watt - 85605
AquaHeat 200 - Automatic-Heater 200 Watt - 85610
AquaHeat 300 - Automatic-Heater 300 Watt - 85615

AquaHeat - Automatic-Heater

The JUWEL heater safely and reliably ensures the correct temperature in your aquarium. Depending on room temperature and aquarium size, your JUWEL heater will achieve a water temperature of around +28°C.

Because it uses top-quality contacts and shock-proof, heat-resistant borosilicate glass (safety glass), JUWEL adjustable heaters meet the highest standards in both function and safety and, as you would expect, are TÜV/GS certified.

In all Rio, Vision, Trigon, Lido and Primo aquariums, the heaters are placed out of sight in the filter casing and are perfectly integrated in the water circulation of the Bioflow filter system.


This ensures an even, efficient distribution of heat through your aquarium.

The JUWEL adjustable heater is available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 Watt

02 Technical Data

Select version:
Product Code 85600
Product AquaHeat 50 – Automatic-Heater 50 Watt
Tested for safety TÜV, GS
Length 190 mm
Power 50 Watt
Cable Length 185 cm
Material Borosilicate glass (safety glass)
Thermostat control 20 – 30 °C
Diameter 25 mm

03 Support

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